Voluntary Investment Product

The LifeCycle

What is the LifeCycle Voluntary Investment Product?

The VIP provides you with a low cost, flexible investment product which is easy to understand.

The VIP will give you access to a range of investment options with exposure to all the relevant asset classes to diversify your investment holdings.

Product Summary

Introducing our Voluntary Investment Product (VIP), tailored for individuals seeking to save in a diversified portfolio comprising unit trusts and pre-approved alternative investment options. With VIP, you have the flexibility to invest discretionary funds for any desired duration, with the freedom to contribute and withdraw as per the terms of your chosen unit trust or alternative investment.

Enjoy the convenience of generating a regular fixed income from your VIP, with customizable payment frequencies (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually) and the ability to adjust income levels at your discretion. Income received is not subject to upfront taxation, although capital gains may be applicable.

In the unfortunate event of your demise, your estate will receive the remaining investment value as the benefit. VIP offers a dynamic approach to savings, combining flexibility, diversification, and income generation to suit your financial goals and lifestyle needs.

Why the LifeCycle Volantary Investment Product?

The VIP can be invested in with your discretionary money. You can invest for any timeframe and make contributions and withdrawals at will (depending on the terms and conditions of the unit trust or alternative investment you choose).

What is it going to cost me?

When considering costs, it’s important to note that an ongoing administration fee will apply, determined by the size of your investment. These fees are presented as a percentage of your assets under management annually.

The ongoing administration fee covers all administrative expenses, excluding those linked to investment management, which are detailed in the Fund Fact sheets.

LifeCycle ensures transparency by refraining from charging initial fees or switching fees if you opt to change your underlying investment options.

Should you prefer VIP to set up a debit order against your account for monthly contributions, a fee will be deducted from the contribution, with the remaining balance directed towards your chosen instruments.

What do I do to get started

  1. Request a quotation  by sending a mail to
  2. The Administrator will communicate with you and send you a quote, terms and conditions and an application form
  3. Compile the following supporting documentation:
    • ID document containing a photo, full names, date of birth and ID number, valid passport or a valid driver’s licence
    • A document no older than three months containing residential address that is a utility bill, bank statement, rates account or tax invoice
    • Proof of banking details
    • Proof of SARS registration or Tax number
  4. Send the completed application form and supporting documentation to the administrator.

What happens after I sign up?

  1. The administrator of the fund will provide you with the following:
    • Provide you with online access
    • A transaction confirmation statement and a policy document
    • Regular benefit statements

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